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Defining White-Glove Service

September 30, 2013

Many delivery companies talk about performing white-glove deliveries. Such service in reality involves more than simply wearing white gloves when bringing furniture into the home.

A true white-glove delivery is about the consumer feeling that the level of service she is receiving exceeds her expectations. It is about her feeling pleased that the delivery professionals took the time to explain the delivery process and about her feeling safe in her home. It's about her not feeling rushed for the delivery to be completed as well as her feeling grateful to the delivery team for placing the product where she wants it and taking away any packaging.

It is all about the respect the delivery team shows that the consumer knows she is receiving white-glove service.
Such top-notch service doesn't end once the furniture is inside the home. It is important to contact the consumer immediately following delivery, within 15-20 minutes, to obtain her feedback on various aspects of what just occurred. Inquiring about the technical part of the delivery is important, of course, but most important is asking her how she felt about her total delivery experience.

The sum of all these elements adds up to consummate white-glove service.