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Mike Root

The Power of Social Media and Connecting With Furniture Buying Age Consumers

September 12, 2013

Last month my lovely daughter Kara got engaged to be married next August, 2014. She will have the entire wedding planned and organized probably in 30 days. Church, flowers, reception, band, dress, you name it, the wheels are in motion. Not sure what she will do for the rest of the year before the wedding.

And as she has continually reminded me with each deposit, I only have one daughter. That's probably a good thing based on the trip to the wedding dress boutique. I told her if there had been more daughters, they all would be sharing the one dress. I must admit, she will look quite beautiful, and Vince is one lucky guy.

The day after our trip to this bridal boutique, I got a text from my daughter that read "Woohoo dad! We made Rhylan Lang's Facebook status. We are famous!" There were just a few problems with the text.

1. Who is Rhylan Lang?

2. What am I famous for?

So I went to Facebook to discover the following note:

 Facebook post

Here are the important points about this for my retailer friends.

1. It probably took the salesperson / owner all of 10 seconds to post this on Facebook

2. Nowhere did it mention us by name, but 56 people liked this including my daughter

3. This Bridal shop in Omaha, Neb., has 1912 likes

4. If you are a prospect and you see comments like this combined with pictures of brides in their new wedding gowns, that will be great social proof created over the years

Now the only ones who know we are famous is my daughter, myself and all of you because no names were mentioned. Think how you can create social proof using your happy customers in social media.

And for the reps that read my column you may find Linked In to be a better medium in the social networking world since Linked In tends to be more Business to Business versus Facebook that is more consumer driven. A factory or a retailer would be wise to consider consumer sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to show their furniture and get input from potential customers. The furniture buying demographic is my daughter's age and this is where they are getting their news and product recommendations.

Good luck in this brave new social media world. You can connect with me on Linked IN at

As always, let me know your positive thoughts on how to use this changing medium of social media.