From A Rep's Perspective

Mike Root

The Green Jacket

April 18, 2013

Anyone who knows me knows I love golf. My wife thinks I sell furniture so I can pay to play golf and she may have something there.

Those of you who are golfers know this past weekend was kind of the unofficial opening of golf season for us Northerners with the Masters in Augusta. The Masters is considered one of the four major golf tournaments of the year. The prize of winning the coveted Green Jacket is considered the greatest individual award in golf.

The Green Jacket is an accomplishment few have shared but many over the ages have aspired. And this years excitement was no different as we watched Adam Scott on the final hole on Sunday sink a long putt for a birdie and what he suspected was victory. On the next shot into the green Angel Cabrera knocked his approach shot next to the hole and also get a birdie to force a playoff. On the second playoff hole Cabrara's birdie putt rolled over the lip of the hole while Adam Scott's putt went into the heart of the cup for his first Green Jacket victory.

Adam Scott is a true champion having been close in other majors through hard work and dedication to his profession. He also became the first Australian to ever win a the Masters even though over the years there have been numerous great Australian golfers in contention in the golf friendly nation. He has earned a special place in the history books at the ripe old age of 32.

This week many of us have the furniture industry's equivalent of the Masters. It's played east of Augusta in a place called High Point. Furniture industry professionals will all gather much like last week the golf community gathered. We will play our game of furniture buying and selling and at the end of the week there will be winners and losers based on how well prepared and how well executed the product is presented.

Though we don't have an equivalent of a Green Jacket we do have a number of annual and lifetime achievement awards that will be given each April. Salesman of the year, retailers of the year, Deans of IHFRA, Pillar of the Industry and many more. If you are getting the awards, our industry's Green Jackets, then congratulation on a job well done and recognition earned.

If you came close like Cabrera but just could not get the deal done, you can feel good in the journey to date as you have developed character, work ethic, discipline and other personality benefits that have served you well. The best predictor of future accomplishments are your past efforts so you are on the right track.

For all of us, this is a great time to reflect on our efforts to date. The first quarter is over and a major market is upon us. Are we where we want to be? Next week when market is over may be an even better time to evaluate your progress year to date. Set challenging standards and you too can be a Masters champion in your own field.

Good luck this week and I hope you win your own personal Green Jacket.

P.S. For those of you golfers check out and see what I'm doing in my spare time away from furniture.