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A Clarification and In-Box vs. Open and Prep

April 11, 2013

First, I would like to address some of the comments that arose from my last blog and thank everyone who commented. (see earlier post)

I would also like to acknowledge a mistake in my observations. Moving forward, I need to be sure they are thought out and encompass diverse viewpoints.

The message I want to communicate here is that though there are very good companies who deliver nationally and internationally, there is no company in operation with the scope, scale and service levels of either UPS or FedEx.

As home-delivery carriers, we have the opportunity -- an excellent one at that -- to partner strategically to create this type of service for retailers.

Moving on, in-box vs. open and prep is next up for discussion.

Growing up in the industry as I have, I know first-hand the importance of removing every piece of natural product from the carton, and that it is inspected and minor repairs made before executing blanket-wrapped delivery.

Over the years, with product coming from Asia and shifting customer expectations, many retailers have moved to in-box delivery.

It is apparent that in-box delivery has been successful for promotional retailers, but higher-end retailers and manufacturers still expect and demand full removal, inspection and prep of their products.

In-box or open/prep--what are your thoughts?