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Mike Root

100 Posts and Counting…

January 4, 2013

My ending post of 2012 was my 100th post for Furniture Today. When I started writing for them I had no idea I would ever have that much to say. Amazingly many people are interested enough to comment or greet me at a market and tell me they either agreed or disagreed with my opinions. So thank you after 100 posts for your interest. I love your feedback so don't be shy about letting me know below or by email at

Now let's talk about the New Year. Some of the below I have written to you before, but goal setting is a topic we need to constantly be reminded about in order to get the most we can out of our dreams and aspirations.

As I have written before I'm big on goal setting. Every year I review the previous year's successes and areas for improvement. Then I look to what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. This is something you might want to do too. I'll give you some ideas as it pertains to business goal setting, but don't forget your health, financial, family and social life goals also. At the bottom I offer you a resource to help set goals in all aspects of your life.

I begin by reviewing my yearly goals. Obviously sales goals are important to see what factories are doing well, which ones are not and what I can do about it. Also, which customers am I doing well with, which ones do I want to do better with in 2013 and which ones just don't fit with what I am doing.

It's also important to review my contact file to see how to maximize customer value. Some customers may not do anything right now with me, but if there is a new product offering or new factory to represent, they could become a great customer again.

Part of my goal setting also revolves around what I didn't accomplish last year and the importance of that objective. If it is still important to me than I leave it on the list, but if not than I take it off.

As I set the path for 2013, it is important to make sure what I say I want to accomplish is realistic. It's important to not overwhelm myself with too many objectives that I will never accomplish anything but frustration. It's also important to not have too few goals. So I always try to stretch what I want to accomplish and hopefully not break.

In reviewing some goal setting articles I came across one from Rich Schefrin. He asked 5 thought provoking questions. I updated the year and thought you might want to consider these questions for yourself.

Question 1: What were your greatest accomplishments in 2012?

Question 2: What were your biggest disappointments in 2012?

Question 3: How did you limit yourself last year, and how can you remove those limits in 2013?

Question 4: What did you learn from your answers to the first three questions?

Question 5: How can you use this information to make 2013 your best year yet?

I have discovered a great goal setting program from Gary Ryan Blair that is as much about goal setting as it is about accountability. I started it at the first of the year and every day for 100 Days I will receive a video and tools to keep focused. It's not too late to get started if you are interested. Just go to where I created a link so you can go direct to the sign up page and get more info.

I would like to wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2013.

As always, share your thoughts if you would like.