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Mike Root

Yesterday’s election was a big deal…

November 7, 2012

But in our personal lives I wonder how much impact it really will have.
Over the next four years, what you do will have a larger impact on your income, wealth and happiness than what the president does. I got my first real job when Reagan was in office. I didn't do so well under Bush 1 but that wasn't his fault, it was a failed business concept. Under Clinton I did OK though I didn't like his morals. I built my business during Bush 2 and managed to continue to build it under the Hope and Change era.
Based on the outcome of the election our nation has decided the course they will take for the next four years on taxes, health care and foreign affairs. Government regulation and economic climate will affect each of us to an extent.
But they won't have as large an impact as our own efforts. Government, politicians, Republicans or Democrats are not going to make one bit of difference. What we choose to do with our own time and talents are what will move us towards success or mediocrity.
This is still the greatest country in the world and the free election process proves it. We had half the country wanting one guy and the other half wanting another. Election day has come and gone and there was no military coup. We are still safe and secure with freedoms and wealth no other country can boast. Sure, you can pack up and leave the country if your guy didn't win. But where are you going to go to get the opportunities our great nation provides?
Whether or not your guy won the White House, take what you can control --- your time, talents, skills, relationships --- and apply them to make 2013 your best year ever. The election is over. We can get back to business and our customers can start focusing on making their houses better places to live, regardless of who they wanted for president.
It's time to move on and build for the future using the only thing we can control... our personal smarts and work ethic.