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What about the 29%?

October 1, 2012

In a country obsessed with percentages as of late, lets take a look at a couple from Furniture/Today's biennial case goods style survey.

The survey is currently available to readers as a free download via this link until Oct. 19. After that, it's for sale.

There's some interesting data on the industry's eco-needle here. The report shows market share data based on units for all case goods and much to my surprise, 29% of case good unit sales were from eco-friendly product in 2011. The projected number for 2012 is 38%.

Features carried by retailers include frames from sustainable woods, recyclable packaging, frames from recycled materials, low-VOC paints, non-toxic glues, legal wood sourcing and third-party certified woods.

The survey adds, "53% of retailers now carry frames from sustainable woods, up from 39% in 2010. And 40% currently offer product with recycled materials, up from 22% that did so in 2010. Overall, eco-friendly case goods comprise 29% of case good units sold."

For master bedroom, 30% of units are eco-friendly; in youth bedroom it's 29%, formal dining 25% and casual dining 26%.

What do those numbers mean? For just under a third of bedrooms to have some eco-message indicates that some form of green marketing either by suppliers or retailers is being absorbed by consumers.

What would some salient selling points for green be? How does this message translate through demographics like age and income? Are there specific price points consumers will buy between, but not above?

There are a lot of good questions for another survey on another day.

As for Greenthoughts and the newsletter, we once again bid you adieu, going into hiatus until interest in reviving it again occurs. Thank you to Leigh Fibers for doing it this time.