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Dan Minor

The Greatest Story Never Told: Who we are and what we do is SO important

October 1, 2012

Every manufacturer or retailer began at some point. There are so many stories about determined men and women who mortgaged their homes, maxed out their credit cards, rented the back of a warehouse, and worked night and day to get their business started.

Many ended up failing, but a select few had the right mix, the right look, the perfect style and quality that consumers were looking for. Retailers and brand manufacturers alike tell their story in different ways.

When you go into a retail store, you will generally find the story of how the store or company was started and the person responsible. Whether on a poster or in the marketing pamphlet, this story is so important because this is who you are, and the female consumer wants to know about it. She gets validation for her purchases, stemming from a deep trust that who she is dealing with has staying power, a good reputation and a commitment to providing the best product at the best price. The story is a highly important part of the customer's buying process, but the typical consumer is visiting to retail stores less and less. Unfortunately, this means that the story of who you are and why you exist is not being told.

At least twice, and sometimes up to four times per year, manufacturers spend an inordinate amount of money to simply tell their story in a market showroom or other event. The research, development, space, food, display - it all costs precious dollars. You spend 2-3 days before the market training your sales staff to tell your story.

Then the retailers arrive, buy bits and pieces, and in 4-6 months when the product ships, they try to share your brand's story (very fragmented at that point) to their sales staff. From them, the end consumer gets a very small fraction of the overall story.

So much effort goes into telling a retail store or brand's story to the most important person in the equation, which is HER, the end consumer who is spending her money to support the retailer and the manufacturer. But it's getting lost.

It is imperative to be able to convey your message to her where she shops. The internet provides unlimited shelf space and an immediate platform for content sharing - content that shares your story. Telling your story to the customer shopping online will aid her in her buying decisions and will raise the brand awareness of both retailers and manufacturers.

Can you imagine an online platform that will tell your story exactly when it needs to be told, and to the most important person to hear it? Telling customers online who you are and why you do things is what will help turn the tide in what has been a challenging period in our industry!