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Mike Root

This was a First ...

September 14, 2012

This week my seat on United Airlines got upgraded from economy to first class on my way down to High Point for pre-market. It was only on one leg of the trip, but hey, it was first class.

This did not cost United any extra to do since they were already going without a full load. Might as well make an impression on a few frequent travelers to keep them interested in the brand which is a very smart strategy.

But here's what was really interesting that I have never had happen before in most any environment whether it be airlines or retail or anything. I received a business card from the pilot, and handwritten on the back was the following note:

Michael Root, Thanks You for flying United! How can we earn more of your business? Signed by John, my captain with his email address and contact info on the front of the business card.

It was a very sincere unexpected gesture by an individual who represents a business that travelers love to hate. Obviously this made an impression on me since I saved the card and wrote about it for you.

So the question you can ask yourself is what can you do for your customers that is totally unexpected, gets their attention and is a sincere gesture of thanks for them doing business with you? The more impersonal the world becomes, the more the personal touch really stands out.

Good selling and thanks so much for reading my column....