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Mike Root

Networking Opportunities at the Summer Las Vegas Market

July 30, 2012

Another market is upon us. Another great opportunity to network with reps, retailers, factory personnel, and industry suppliers to find out what's working, who's doing what, and how we can make our businesses better because of it.

On Sunday we had two great events well attended by reps. We had the rep free barbeque sponsored by IHFRA and WMC. In the evening we had an iPad seminar again sponsored by IHFRA and WMC as well as Web4Retail and Repzio. Thank you all for making these valuable events available at no cost to the IHFRA members.

If you are not an IHFRA member but would like to find out more details, Kathy Parks will be at the IHFRA office on the fourth floor of building C. You can also call the office for information on the half price market special at 336-889-3920.

Markets are very good for learning how to improve your business. The Retailer Resource Center put on by the WHFA is a great resource for retailers, reps and industry folks to walk through. It is on the 4th floor of Building C. Though it is primarily filled with suppliers targeting retailers, there are vendors there who I have done business with and referred to my retailers back home. It's good to do a quick walk through to spur new ideas on improving your business.

Also available are lots of free educational seminars on a variety of topics from mundane but necessary, to new and innovative. There are a number of seminars on the hot category of using social media effectively including a panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon hosted by GE Capital. Look for the seminar schedule and see if you can slip away for one to help improve your business.

And of course, there's always the networking in the halls at market. If any of you find your way on the eighth floor of Building A stop in and say hi. I'll be in our new space A-820 of Mega Motion Lift Chairs and Cozzia Massage Chairs.

Have a great market...