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For New Buyers #11

June 11, 2012

Question: When is a dresser not a dresser? Answer: When it is a buffet, a console, a hall piece or a sofa table. Question: When is a nightstand not a nightstand? Answer: When it is a chairside table, an end table, or an accent piece.

Knowing Too Much

Sometimes it is possible to know too much. Clearly, a bedroom dresser is meant to be used in a bedroom. That's why it was manufactured. Knowing this is self evident and obvious but suppose we display a dresser elsewhere in the showroom and demonstrate a different use for the piece of furniture. Why would a merchant do this? Because often merchandise in clearance mode may well be out of balance with other pieces of the suite. This may result in heavy markdowns to liquidate the merchandise. A leftover dresser destined for the clearance area may well bring close to full price on the main floor shown as the aforementioned buffet, console, or sofa table.

An odd loveseat might be shown in a bedroom setting. A small, solid top dining table might be shown as a writing desk. Throughout the various categories of furniture, with a little creativity and imagination, clearance merchandise can be sold at greater margins if presented with a little ingenuity and a little less knowing that the piece doesn't belong there.

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