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Mike Root

Memorial Day Means More than Furniture Deals --- But that Would Be Nice Too

May 25, 2012

Here we are at the unofficial opening of summer ---- Memorial Day weekend.

We join you in celebrating those who have helped make our country a great place and the freedom we cherish. On this special Memorial Day we particularly remember the men and women who have served in the armed forces to protect our liberty.

As you are out this weekend swimming in the pools, hiking in the mountains, enjoying the lake life, camping, fishing, being with family and friends or like me you are out golfing --- take time to reflect on the fact that we can do these recreational pursuits in the greatest country in the world due to those heroes, veterans, and wounded warriors who have fought in years past as well as today to help keep our nation safe.

Of course retailers will be spending the weekend in their stores since Memorial Day is generally a very good weekend for furniture sales. The customer sure seems like they should have some pent up demand based on recent week's sales, and we hope that they get out and decide they need some of the fine products we sell.

But don't forget this weekend to acknowledge the veterans, active enlisted men and women, and all who protect our way of living by putting their lives on the line for the country. Here's some ideas:

• If you are a retailer, give them an unexpected discount or free delivery.

• We all can pay attention to those around who served in the military and acknowledge their sacrifices.

• Any of us can reach out and make a donation to a cause like the Wounded Warrior Project.

• Take a moment to say a prayer for those who are still serving us in harm's way.

We certainly want furniture sales to be successful, but most importantly we need to remember the reason for the holiday. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.