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Mike Root

The Hot New Marketing Idea Furniture Retailers Are Chasing

May 31, 2011

After my last post, Sev Ritchie from Web4Retail called me up to discuss the opportunities he saw social media was presenting to retailers as marketing tool. He told me about some of the things he and his company were doing with Facebook, Twitter and other online media venues.

This form of media advertising may not be right for reps, but it definitely has a basis of discussion for forward looking retailers. It was evident coming out of the home furnishings all industry conference earlier this month, and then hearing reports back from my son who attended the Furniture Today Social Media event in Atlanta last week, that there is a real desire by retailers to figure out how to put social media to work in their marketing.

Sev and I discussed collaborating in an event to share all the steps we believe a furniture retailer should consider when putting together a comprehensive online marketing system. Both of us are working with furniture retailers to help them with ways to market using new media solutions.

Our company creates online personalization techniques utilizing personalized websites, email, and direct response offers. Sev's company does a lot of Facebook and social media marketing. Between the two of us, we can give retailers a good perspective on what to consider as well as resources to use if they want to take the next step.

For those that are interested in learning more about these new media solutions, Sev and I will host a FREE 60 Minute Webinar on Thursday evening June 2 at 7 PM. All are welcome but space is limited on the call. You can register for this online personalization and social media marketing event by going to

This topic seems to be a hot button in the industry right now. I'm looking forward to the call to see what ideas I can pick up to better my business as well as yours.