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Mike Root

Rep Code of Ethics

August 31, 2010

As business gets tougher, I have heard from some reps that relationships with their factories or with other reps may become strained. With the economic climate being what it is, there is sometimes a tendency to blame the other guy, to cut a corner for a sale, or to look for scapegoats.


The national rep association (IHFRA) has guidelines for their member reps. I'm a member of the association and serve on its executive committee. Even if you are not a member of IHFRA these are good principles to conduct your business accordingly. Here they are:


• Members shall strive to create and foster a spirit of mutual respect, esteem and partnership among fellow IHFRA members, Manufacturers and Retailers.

• Members shall foster professionalism with their own education in knowledge of both products and skills to provide superior value in their work with companies and customers.

• Members shall honestly present the qualities and values of the companies they represent.

• Members shall be considerate of the rights of fellow representatives and shall refrain from soliciting representation from a manufacturer with the knowledge that, that manufacturer already has representation in that territory.

• Members shall conduct themselves so as to maintain integrity and respect for the profession at all times.

• Members shall never attempt to obtain any business by fraudulent or false statements, unwarranted implications or by discrediting competition.


These are all good standards to hold a rep to. But they are also good standards that a consumer will hold a retailer to (outside of the one about stealing lines). We all need to work harder, but not at the expense of our professionalism.


Feel free to leave any comments as you see fit.