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Going nowhere

August 30, 2010
Transitional, as a word, means moving from place to another.

So as a furniture style, where is it going?

The answer is probably nowhere – not for a long, long time.

Everyone seems to like it. Manufacturers and retailers like it because it can easily be dressed up or down, and customers told that it’s whatever they’re looking for because it goes with everything.

Tables with cabriole legs, you got it. Chrome with glass, no problem. Mission? Perfect.

It’s a style that’s prevalent in the furniture industry, and has been for quite a while. And it seems to me that it’s pitch perfect for that poor old furniture shopper who’s frozen into inaction because she’s afraid to make a mistake.

It’s a nice blend of traditional and contemporary and traditional, neither stuffy nor frou-frou on the traditional side, nor cold and sterile on the contemporary side. It fits today’s casual and relaxed lifestyle. Fabrics are easy to pick since they’re generally monochromatic and understated – in creams, taupes, grays and tans. The hardest choice is pillows that pop – and most of the time that has already been accomplished by the product maker.

The only problem with transitional is that it doesn’t have anywhere to go. What does transitional transition to? It’s a bit like that old Tom Waits song: Who puts flowers on a flower’s grave?

So what do you think?