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High Point Market Videos

Honor Thy Furniture

Join Furniture/Today as we interview manufacturers and retailers at the Spring 2014 High Point Market. See the videos. Our video coverage is sponsored by AkzoNobel.


  • Kristin Sprague

    Digital Dexterity

    Kristin Sprague

    April 1, 2014

    Mobile, Measurements and Memory Lane

    Last month marked the 30th birthday of the consumer cell phone. In 1984, when the first consumer cell phone was sold, it was used exclusively for conversation and was only in the hands of the very affluent. Who knew back then that today the mobile phone would be one of the most ubiquitous items known to man and that it would rarely be used for conversation, but would be used for text messaging, email, gaming, shopping and web search. If that fact wasn’t impressive enough, in April 2010 iPads first hit the consumer market. In four short years, 195 ...

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  • Epperson

    An Insider's View

    Jerry Epperson

    December 31, 2013

    Our furniture industry stocks are pretty impressive

    There is great news and there is really bad news, both among the public furniture stocks.The great news is that investors like us. They really, really like us. In the last year the total share value of eight of the largest furniture stocks (Bassett, Ethan Allen, Flexsteel, Hooker, La-Z-Boy, Stanley, Culp and Havertys) has risen 49%. Again, in one year. From Dec. 1 of 2011 to Dec. 1 of 2012 the gain was 39% and the years before that were 17% and 8%. Don't ask the number from 2006 to 2009. You don't want to know.From ...

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  • Epperson

    An Insider's View

    Jerry Epperson

    October 21, 2013

    2014, 2015 hold promise of better business

    Welcome to lovely downtown High Point. I am attending my 86th market and glad to be with 80,000 friends to share this week's event.You should be upbeat about 2014 and 2015, and recognize most of the excuses for having bad business are going away. Keep living the recession mindset if you want, but the rest of us are enjoying better business.What's better? Employment, household formations, new home sales, remodeling, incomes, available credit, existing home sales, household mobility, wealth thanks to a better stock market and rising home prices, consumer confidence, population growth, corporate profits and ...

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High Point Product Spotlight

NORWALK FURNITURE - IHFC D-101, D-1015 The Zoey condo sofa is contemporary and cuddle-friendly. High track arms are paired with a  bench cushion and an oversized pillow back.

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