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High Point Market Videos

Honor Thy Furniture

Join Furniture/Today as we interview manufacturers and retailers at the Spring 2014 High Point Market. See the videos. Our video coverage is sponsored by AkzoNobel.


  • Ray Allegrezza

    Editor's Desk

    Ray Allegrezza

    March 24, 2014

    Ignorance is not bliss

    If you are in the camp that believes that what you don’t know can’t hurt you, then click another article. The rest of this column will be of no interest to you. This week I want to share some specifics about a one-day summit we are hosting that will focus on the growing challenges to our industry as a result of regulatory issues and subsequent compliance requirements. If you attended our last Leadership Conference, you heard a very sharp trial lawyer, Amy Lally, a partner with the Sidley Austin law firm, walk us through California’s Proposition 65 ...

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  • Ray Allegrezza

    Editor's Desk

    Ray Allegrezza

    February 26, 2014

    Targeting custom content

    Social media has not only changed the way we communicate with each other; it is changing how, where and when we shop.And while this can be a tremendous opportunity for retailers, social media also allows consumers to share their shopping experiences - good and bad - in real time with millions of other consumers.Social media has also provided a platform for sellers to serve up meaningful content and information about the goods and services they offer.Clearly, the retailers who are winning are those who have found a way to communicate with consumers while managing to control the content and ...

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  • Image of Eric Easter

    The 'Why' of Leadership

    Eric Easter

    February 25, 2014


    We've all known control freaks. You know them as the folks who have to know everything, be sure everything is and will be perfect, who obsess over even the smallest issues to the detriment of the bigger ones, who must be in charge, who are unable to delegate effectively, who dominate conversations and who worry their life away. You may even be one of them.I certainly have a bit of this within me. It has dissipated over the years, but even today, I still have to guard against it. At some point along my career path I discovered ...

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High Point Product Spotlight

NORWALK FURNITURE - IHFC D-101, D-1015 The Zoey condo sofa is contemporary and cuddle-friendly. High track arms are paired with a  bench cushion and an oversized pillow back.

Take a look at the various product intros from the High Point Market in our Product Spotlight Slideshows. See more.