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Upholstery fabric industry news, features, trends & analysis

Exclusive first looks at new fabrics and leathers for furniture, along with reports on trends in style, color, construction, marketing, manufacturing and sourcing.

High Point Market Videos

Stephen Bogart at High Point Market

Join Furniture/Today as we interview manufacturers and retailers at the Spring 2014 High Point Market. See the videos. Our video coverage is sponsored by AkzoNobel.


  • Cindy Hodnett

    Defining Style

    Cindy W. Hodnett

    October 14, 2013

    What's in the making of upholstery innovation?

    Innovation is always a hot topic going into market. Who is introducing something that is a must see? What new bell, whistle, fabric or finish is going to be the showstopper? Which company is doing the best job of bringing excitement to the industry?But if you look a little deeper at the definition of innovation, you'll find it isn't just about creating something new for the sake of being different. According to one definition, it's about finding solutions for "new requirements, inarticulate needs or existing market needs." So what does that mean for the upholstery category ...

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  • Cindy Hodnett

    Defining Style

    Cindy W. Hodnett

    August 19, 2013

    Furniture fantasies run the gamut

    I'm waiting on the mail. Any day, "Retro Style: Class, Gender and Design in the Home" is scheduled to arrive, and I can't wait. As a self-described design nerd, I love learning about the influences that compel individuals toward particular design aesthetics, and as a fan of modern style, I want to see what Dr. Sarah Baker has to say about the furniture junkies who never tire of Eames, Nelson and Baughman.The correlation between the furniture that a consumer buys and the feelings that a piece of furniture evoke cannot be ignored. As I write this, market ...

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  • Ray Allegrezza

    Editor's Desk

    Ray Allegrezza

    February 18, 2013

    Consider consumer in debate over FR

    As expected, the sparks are already flying over California's recent announcement that it wants to eliminate a longstanding regulation that requires the use of chemical flame retardants in upholstery.The fire safety standards, which have been on the books in California since the 1970s, require that any foam used in furniture cushions withstand a 12-second exposure to a small open flame without igniting.But now, California wants to eliminate the open-flame test and replace it with a smolder-only test, which it says will enable upholstery makers to be compliant without flame retardants.Not surprisingly, this has evoked a strongly ...

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High Point Product Spotlight

NORWALK FURNITURE - IHFC D-101, D-1015 The Zoey condo sofa is contemporary and cuddle-friendly. High track arms are paired with a  bench cushion and an oversized pillow back.

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