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  • Outdoor fire pits are multi-functional for owners

    Forty-one percent of consumers with outdoor living areas own an outdoor fire pit, according to a 2016 survey from sister publication Casual Living. Fire pit owners largely reside in houses, as opposed to apartments and condominiums; 88% of respondents who indicated that they own a fire pit said they live in a house. More

  • Cool Colors

    HIGH POINT — With a bold pop, a rich splash or a subtle hint, color defines our rooms, both indoors and out. It soothes and excites. It engages and inspires. It allows us to set a mood and express ourselves without saying a word. More

  • Indicators are right for growth in high end

    A number of high-end wood furniture resources say they have seen a spike in business during much of the first quarter and thus identify factors from stock market gains to growing consumer confidence as a reason to be optimistic about 2017. More


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