CONVERSATIONS is series of video conversations with innovators in the home furnishings marketplace and a blog about questions we should be asking ourselves. Dean Horowitz, President of PBM and Furniture/Today, leads viewers through a deep-dive with technology and innovation leaders that you might think you know but haven’t had the right opportunity to really get to know and the ideas that could impact your business today and in the rapidly hitting future.


  • The Boring Company

    Elon Musk
        Elon Musk releases a video explanation of his new venture - The Boring Company. While the Hyperloop is conceivable and exciting, would a series of tunnels with strategically placed elevator shafts and sleds be the answer to traffic and logistic problems? His company's Boring Machine has already begun a test dig to prove concept. Soon the company hopes to begin digging in LA as a means to alleviate that city's famous traffic issues. Cars will be able to travel at high speeds, projected at 130 mph, and the Hyperloop is expected to be incorporated into this system.   How will ... Read More

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Amber EngineShifting Mindsets
Why buy? It's the question every customer asks, but are you replying with the right answer? It turns out why people choose to spend money is shifting. Today's consumers, especially millennials, are paying more attention to how products add value to their lives.

Amber EngineFeed the Beast
You had a vision, you kept long hours, you gained the support of talented people and you built a successful online business. But with EDI driving global data synchronization, how do you feed the beast?

Amber EngineInnovation Among Imitation
Is imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Or is it simply the fastest way to turn a profit in a competitive landscape?

Amber EngineThe Power of Real-Time Data
As the home furnishings industry grows, expands and changes form, we're witnessing the evolution of business enhanced by technology and real-time data. And, there's no better example than Moe's Home Furnishings.

Amber EngineSmall Steps - Big Innovation
Regardless of your company's size, it is imperative you move forward with innovative ideas. But, if you're anything like the rest of us, you're wondering where they manufacture innovative ideas and how you can get on the mailing list.

Amber EnginePeople + Technology
After all, whether you know it or not, your customers are already using mobile devices in your store. They're doing price comparisons or sharing images and seeking input from social media or friends. So, if their phone is already in hand, you might as well take advantage of it.

Amber EngineWhy YELL When You Can Whisper?
The future is now – especially regarding proximity marketing. What is proximity marketing? Simply put, it's the practice of providing customers with targeted-marketing messages, offers or content based on their location.

Amber EngineBuilding Relationships with Showroom Technology
As technology takes center stage in the showroom, many businesses are changing their model. This means significant strides towards a reduced inventory, and, in Target's case, a smaller footprint.

Amber EngineClosing the Expectation Gap
Whether you're new to the home furnishings industry or your family has been in business for generations, you know that furniture buying is an emotionally significant event for your customers. And, unlike traditional shoppers, modern customers begin their research online.