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Dan Minor
Dan Minor

I am the Director of the Buying Group for We are a contextual search engine that brings manufacturers, retailers, and their message to the end consumer. I served as VP of Sales and Merchandising, as well as handling Store Management and Sales for Boyles Furniture (a top 100 retailer) for 15 years. Prior to Boyles, I worked as the National Sales Manager for HFI Brands, which is a sales, design and marketing source for several brands. In dealing with the retail and manufacturing side of this industry, I have had unique access to the inner workings of both of these primary functions of our industry. With the opportunity to work with a web based platform, my hope is to bring the experiences that I have been fortunate enough to have in retail and manufacturing and mesh them with the Internet. My blog posts for "Crunch Time" will mostly be about change, how to adapt to the change, and the necessary actions to finding success in this turbulent industry. The time to act is now.