14 things you might not know about the Top 100
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    Furniture Today released its 2017 Top 100 U.S. Furniture Stores report in this week’s issue. Here are 14 things about the list you might not know.
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    1. The $43.51 billion in combined 2016 furniture, bedding and accessory sales means the Top 100’s share of all furniture store sales grew yet again — to 81%, up from 80% for the companies on last year’s list.
  • Matter Bros
    2. We had three new names on the list this year, including No. 93 Matter Brothers of Fort Myers, Fla. We classified Matter Bros. as a conventional retailer, but it’s really a mix of conventional and specialty, with a chain of leather upholstery stores in addition to the full-line showrooms. (Shown: Lynn and Tom Matter in the Matter Brothers showroom in Sarasota, Fla.)
  • Belfort
    3. The other newcomers were No. 97 The Original Mattress Factory and No. 100 Belfort Furniture, though Belfort has been here before, ... (Shown: Belfort Furniture's Huber family Mike, Kristi, Lacey and Matt.)
  • Sleepys
    4. … and we lost three names, including Sleepy’s, but if you look closely, you’ll see the chain in the massive store-count increase for No. 2 Mattress Firm.
  • Units
    5. Speaking of massive store count gains, the Top 100 combined for the greatest percentage and net store growth since Furniture Today started keeping track of the measure — up 13.3%, or a net 1,504 stores.
  • Mattress Firm
    6. But again, most of that growth was really just a transfer of 1,050 stores from Sleepy’s to Mattress Firm, which took the No. 2 spot on the list away from now No. 3 Ikea.
  • Mattress Firm
    7. Mattress Firm also owned the greatest percentage and net sales volume increase this past year, with sales up 35.2%, or by $900 million to $3.46 billion.
  • RoomStore
    8. In addition to losing Sleepy’s, the others off the Top 100 this year are Mealey’s, absorbed into No. 44 Regency Furniture, and The RoomStore of Phoenix, which filed for bankruptcy and shut down.
  • Ashley
    9. You probably know Ashley HomeStore is No. 1… again. But did you know it’s held the top slot for the past 11 years?
  • Broad River
    10. … and that there are 16 Ashley HomeStore dealers positioned through the Top 100, from Mathis Brothers and City Furniture to HomeStore-only operators such as Broad River Furniture (billboard is shown here) and Hill Country Holdings?
  • Olindes
    11. No. 89 Olinde’s (another one of those HomeStore retailers), made huge strides last year despite severe flooding in Baton Rouge that wiped out nearly everything in two of its stores. No matter. Sales ended up 12.1% ahead of last year, to $65 million, well ahead of the 7.2% growth for the combined Top 100.
  • Bobs
    12. Private equity money is coming in handy for the Top 100. Just look at No. 12 (Bain-backed) Bob’s, which grew by a dozen stores last year and has either entered or is on its way to Milwaukee, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Los Angeles.
  • Wichita Falls
    13. Private equity also fueled growth for No. 73 FFO Home (owned by Sun Capital Partners), which opened 5 stores last year and is on track to open about 8-10 this year.
  • Art Van
    14. And watch for No. 18 Art Van, which added a net 19 stores last year and sees the March acquisition by Thomas H. Lee Partners as accelerating future growth plans.
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    Find out much more in Furniture Today’s comprehensive Top 100 report in the May 22 issue.
Furniture Today released its 2017 Top 100 U.S. Furniture Stores report in this week’s issue. Here are 14 things about the list you might not know.
Posted: May 22, 2017