3D company raises $10 million in seed capital

CHICAGO — ThreeKit, a technology provider that creates 3D renderings for home furnishings clients such as Crate and Barrel and Steelcase, has raised $10 million in seed capital.

Entrepreneur Godard Abel, who co-founded Big Machines and SteelBrick, led the investment round to help ThreeKit further meet the demands of brands for more interactive and personalized e-commerce experiences. The investment will fund talent acquisition, product and business development.

Ben Houston, a 15-year veteran in Hollywood Visual FX software, founded ThreeKit last year and added a group of 3D pioneers and visual effects professionals. After creating 3D visualization technology for the special effects used in Hollywood movies, the group has been working with various brands to use this same technology to enhance the online experience.

“We plan to lead a new standard of product experience,” said Houston.

“There has been a critical gap in the ability of brands to provide engaging product experiences in their web stores, but ThreeKit solves this by fulfilling the ‘touch and feel’ needs that consumers have when shopping online,” said Abel. “It’s clear the company is leading a new generation of immersive and experiential commerce.”

According to ThreeKit, some of its e-commerce clients have experienced a 40% increase in conversions, an 80% reduction in returns and 20% higher order value after trading out static product images for 3D visuals.

ThreeKit product rendering


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