Blueport Commerce wins patent for Store-Sync shopping app

Links consumer’s online, in-store shopping experiences

BOSTON — E-commerce technology and services provider Blueport Commerce has been awarded a U.S. patent for a cloud-based application called Store-Sync that links a consumer’s online and in-store shopping experiences.

Blueport says Store-Sync provides a seamless experience for shoppers who use both digital and traditional channels when shopping for big-ticket items such as furniture and bedding.

It captures shoppers’ preferences and the items being considered when using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or talking to a salesperson. The data is synchronized among all the devices, as well as the store’s point-of-sale system.

“For big-ticket retail categories that don’t fit into an Amazon box … physical stores and salespeople play a crucial role in the purchase decision,” said Carl Prindle, Blueport’s president and CEO. “In these categories, consumers like to touch and feel merchandise and consult with an experienced sales professional.”

He said Store-Sync doesn’t try to replace the in-store experience, but enhances it.

“In big-ticket categories, that’s the real online win for shoppers and retailers,” said Prindle.

He said the system also assures that salespeople who contribute to a sale at any point in the process are compensated accordingly, which removes a key friction point in traditional big-ticket selling.

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