DOC assigns 216% preliminary duties to 13 Chinese wood bedroom producers

Importers of record could face high retroactive duties for 2017 shipments

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued a preliminary determination that eight Chinese manufacturers are subject to retroactive duties as high as 216% for their wooden bedroom furniture shipments to the U.S. market in 2017.

The DOC said that the eight companies, which include mandatory respondent Decca Furniture, failed to show they are entitled to a lower separate rate. The other seven manufacturers include Dongguan Kingstone Furniture Co. Ltd, also Kingstone Furniture Co. Ltd.; Kunshan Summit Furniture Co. Ltd.; Qingdao Liangmu Co. Ltd.; Restonic; Rizhao Sanmu Woodworking Co. Ltd.; Techniwood Industries Ltd., also Ningbo Furniture Industries Ltd and Ningbo Hengrun Furniture Co. Ltd. and Zhangjiagang Yan Decoration Co. Ltd.

These companies have been identified as part of the China-wide entity, which is subject to duties of 216%. Pending the outcome of a final determination due in about 120 days, or early April, this higher rate would be paid by importers of record that purchased wooden bedroom furniture from Decca and the other seven producers in 2017.

These companies were among the 73 identified during an annual review that determines whether producers will be subject to a higher duty rate than their initial cash deposit rate for the calendar year. Of those, 60 names were withdrawn from the review, leaving 13 subject to a higher rate.

In addition to the eight companies, another five did not have shipments, or reviewable transactions during the period, the DOC said, meaning they, too, face the all-China rate of 216%. These five companies include Dongguan Sunrise Furniture Co. Ltd., also Taicang Sunrise Wood Industry Co., Taicang Fairmount Designs Furniture Co. Let and Meizhou Sunrise Furniture Co. Ltd.; Dongguan Sunrise furniture Co. and Taicang Sundrise Wood Industry Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Sunrise Furniture Co. Ltd and Fairmont Designs; Eurosa (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. and Eurosa Furniture Co. (PTE) Ltd; Shenyang Shining Dongxing Furniture Co. Ltd. and Yeh Brothers World Trade Inc.

The duties are assigned to the manufacturers but paid by importers of record of the subject merchandise.

Interested parties can comment on or submit case briefs regarding these preliminary results within 30 days of the Dec. 12 publication of the notice in the Federal Register. Interested parties also may request a hearing during that initial 30-day period.

If the final results of the review are unchanged from the preliminary results, the DOC will communicate this information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, including instructions to liquidate entries of the wooden bedroom furniture imports at the China-wide rate.

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