Fine Cotton Factory adds pillow liner

TORONTO – Fine Cotton Factory has designed a light-weight encasement that gives pillow suppliers a liner that allows the true feel of the pillow to come through. The liner works well with a variety of fillings, including goose down, feathers, solid foam or chopped visco, and, because of its construction, makes manufacturing more efficient, the company said.

In addition to its use for bed pillows, the liner can be used for decorative throw pillows. By keeping the filling contained, the liner allows for easy cleaning of or replacing the external cover. The polyester liner also helps keep the filling clean, officials said.

“Our unique pillow liner is a creative solution for pillow manufacturers and consumers,” said Skip Kann, director of special projects for Fine Cotton Factory. “The line is lightweight, making it easy to manipulate in the manufacturing process, yet sturdy so that it holds up and doesn’t tear. The whisper-light fabric does nothing to impede the comfort level of pillows.”

The liner’s tubular design speeds manufacturing times by requiring only the ends be sewn or heat sealed. Available in 18-, 20- and 22-inch widths, the liner is white, and Fine Cotton Factory offers custom dyeing to meet manufacturers’ aesthetic needs, the company said.

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