ITC holds five-year review on uncovered innersping unit duties

WASHINGTON – The U.S. International Trade Commission is holding a five-year review to determine whether or not to continue imposing antidumping duties on uncovered innerspring units from China, Vietnam and South Africa.

The ITC announced the review this week and also set an April 1 deadline for responses from interested parties. Comments on the adequacy of these responses can be filed with the ITC by May 14.

This is the second time the ITC has held a five-year review on the product, also known as a sunset review. The first was held in 2014, which resulted in a continuation of the duties.

The duties on uncovered innerspring units from South Africa and Vietnam went into effect Dec. 11, 2008, and the duties on units imported from China went into effect Feb. 19, 2009. They are meant to address illegal pricing tactics of foreign producers that give them an unfair advantage over domestic manufacturers of similar products that are used in mattresses.

Like the first review, this process will determine whether removing the duties will result in continued material injury – in the form of financial and/or job losses – to the domestic industry that produces these products.

Additional instructions for information respondents must provide in their responses is available in the Federal Register notice on the review published March 1. That information can be found online.

For more information, interested parties also can contact Mary Messer, Office of Investigations, U.S. International Trade Commission at (202) 205-3193.

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