Perq’s new Marketing Cloud blurs line between bricks and clicks

INDIANAPOLIS – Perq‘s new Marketing Cloud uses more than 10 million data points learned over the past two years to help home furnishing retailers turn online engagement into in-store sales supporting a more seamless shopping experience.

“One of the pain points for retailers is the disconnect between website traffic and in-store sales,” said Scott Hill, executive chairman and co-founder of Perq. “Using the best practices of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Wayfair, our new technology allows retailers to receive data on shoppers while they are still in the online research phase and use that data to personalize information sent to the consumer to keep them engaged, with the ultimate goal of an online or in-store purchase.”

Perq’s software has always aided consumers in their decision making by guiding them through the shopping process, but the new Marketing Cloud allows retailers to make use of the captured data. According to the company, early adopters have already experienced up to a 50% increase in qualified web traffic, a 250% increase in website conversions and an average 15% lead-to-sale conversion.

Hill says the process begins when the consumer logs on to the retailer’s site. Shoppers are first shown a welcome greeting that invites them to participate in a contest or giveaway. The consumer then enters their name, email and phone number to participate.

Once that process is complete, the consumer is asked what types of items they are researching. If the answer is mattresses, for example, they are taken to a quiz to help them better determine what type of mattress is right for them. They are also asked about when they plan to buy and their budget. This leads to an increase in qualified web traffic.

“Research has shown that most consumers’ innate curiosity will lead them to take the quiz,” said Hill. “We make use of many banners, bars and buttons to keep consumers engaged longer on the site.”

Retailers can make shoppers aware of any current or upcoming sale, similar to an in-store shopping experience. Shoppers can also schedule a time for an in-store consultation. If the consumer leaves the website and logs back in at a later date, or from a different device, they can pick up where they left off by entering their email address. All of this information is sent to RSAs at the store level.

“Sales associates can be proactive and reach out to these interested consumers with additional information about the products being researched, special offers or a suggested time for an in-store consultation,” said Hill. “More than 150 home furnishing retailers have integrated our online guided shopping software on their existing websites, resulting in consumers spending three times more time on their websites and a remarkable increase in leads.”

Retailers are able to review the online customer information in real-time in Perq’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool. As part of the Marketing Cloud, dealers are able to measure the revenue from in-store sales coming from their websites on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 

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