Retailer websites are a popular research source for consumers

More than half of consumers (55%) conducted some form of research prior to their home accent purchase, according to exclusive data from Furniture Today.

Reading consumer reviews on a retailer website was the first step in the home accents research process for one-fourth of consumers, while another 24% started with a search engine. Reading reviews on a marketplace website, such as Amazon, was the starting point for another one-fifth of consumers, while 15% began by reading online reviews from a professional source, such as Consumer Reports.

Only 4% of responding consumers sought out information from magazines as their first step, and just 2% started with social media platforms.

Eighteen percent of consumers used social media during some part of their research process. Facebook was the most popular social media source, with 76% using the platform. More than half of consumers (56%) browsed Pinterest, 46% used Instagram, and 32% watched YouTube as part of their research process. Less than one-third of consumers used Twitter, Snapchat or Reddit.

Laptops were the top device used for research, followed by mobile phones, desktops and tablets. More than half of consumers (52%) used a laptop to perform research, while mobile phones and desktops were each used by 43%. Almost one-fifth (19%) used a tablet to research a home accent piece.

While researching home accents, 59% of consumers viewed advertisements in a newspaper or circular, making this the top advertisement source. Another 48% encountered magazine advertisements, and 45% viewed social media ads or email advertisements.

Television ads and website ads were equally effective in reaching consumers: 41% of consumers reported seeing home accents advertisements through each of those sources. The least popular advertisement source was mail ads, as only 31% of consumers reported receiving home accents advertisements in the mail.

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