Simplicity Sofas wins small business innovators contest

HIGH POINT — Simplicity Sofas, an upper-end producer and online retailer of ready-to-assemble sofas, chairs and sectionals, has won Phonebooth’s small business innovators contest, along with a $20,000 grand prize, said owner Jeff Frank.

Frank said a five-judge panel selected Simplicity Sofas as one of the top 10 and made the final selection. He added that receiving the award highlights the company’s success in providing "extreme customer service."

"Our customers don’t really get a chance to view most of the innovations that propel the company, ranging from new product development to production systems to marketing to customer service," he said. "They just enjoy the unique products that are designed to fit their small space problems and a customer service experience where it is actually fun to buy furniture and where they know that any problems will be taken care of promptly and properly."

Frank is projecting that sales in 2013 will more than double its 2012 volume.

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