Twin Star Home Raises The Bar To Optimize Standing Desk Use

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Delray Beach, FL (September 17, 2018) – We all know by now that too much sitting is bad for your health, but not all standing is created equal. Twin Star Home has entered an agreement with WellnessMats, the leader in ergonomic anti-fatigue floor mats. Consumers who purchase a Twin Star Home adjustable height desk will receive a special savings on their choice of WellnessMats to help optimize their standing desk experience and set themselves up for success in their new healthier lifestyle choices.

“WellnessMats have been proven in some of the toughest commercial and residential environments across the country to provide premium comfort, safety, and well-being wherever someone stands,” said Daniel Bouzide, president of WellnessMats. “Our new relationship with Twin Star Home means that we can have an even broader positive impact. We’re excited.”

Twin Star Home is a leader in the rapidly growing adjustable height desk category with its ActiveLife™ desks that feature several innovations to improve function and user experience. These innovations are changing consumer expectations about what a standing desk should be. Twin Star Home’s many adjustable height desks – in contrast to competitors’ models –come standard with features including programmable height settings operated with the patent pending Illumitouch™ control panel on the desks’ ergonomic tops, as well as multi-port USB charging stations. The new GetActive™ built-in timer gives periodic reminders for users to stand up and move around. All ActiveLife™ desks by Twin Star Home are easy to assemble in minutes. Glass top models are dry erase compatible because when inspiration strikes, making notes should be fast and easy.

Under the new partnership, each Twin Star Home adjustable height desk that is shipped includes a savings code that the consumer can use on the WellnessMats website to pick out the Premium Standing Solution that best suits his or her needs.


About Twin Star:
Twin Star Home of Delray Beach, FL is an award-winning manufacturer of home furnishings, including electric fireplaces and furniture, many with integrated media solutions. Twin Star Home combines the latest trends with consumer-driven innovation and design-rich style to create lasting products that enhance consumers’ lives. Twin Star Home is recognized for its trusted national brands: ClassicFlame®, Duraflame, Bell’O, Tresanti and ChimneyFree. Find out more at

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