Video Pushdown Ad Example

An example of a video pushdown ad will appear on this page.

Video Pushdown Specs
Asset 1: Contracted State: 970×90. Must contain the words “Click To Open” on the bottom right corner.  
Asset 2: Expanded State: 970×418. Must contain the words “Click To Close” on the bottom right corner. Place a 660×360 empty space (no need to place a stroke/border around this area. Leave it blank/matching the background) where the video will be embedded. 
Asset 3:   Upload the video you want to be used in the ad to YouTube and provide the link to the video to us. The video should be less than 30 seconds.
File Type: Assets 1 and 2 should be submitted as JPGs with a max file weight of 100kb each.
NOTE: When users first come to the site the ad will auto expand and remain expanded for the length of the video. The video will auto play but the sound will be muted. Users will have the option to unmute the audio. If users go to a second page during the same visit or come back to the site inside of 24 hours they will see the contracted state and they will have to click on the “Click To Open” text to expand the ad.

Rich Media Ad Traffic Instructions for Send My Ad:
Ad Type to send: Digital Ads
Media Profile: Furniture Today Website Ads
Choose A Placement: For submitting multiple files at once, zip all the files first and then choose “Zip Campaign”.
Please supply the web address the ad should link to.

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